FE-7004 – 2:1 Ratio

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The most versatile two-component adhesive in our line. Translucent, and amber in appearance, it bonds to most metals and rigid plastics, rubber, concrete, wood, ceramics and most other fabricating materials. FE 7004 2:1 Ratio

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Kits available in following sizes

1 gallon kit (2 gallon part A and 1 gallon part B)
1 quart kit (2 quart part A and 1 quart part B)
1 pint kit (2 pint part A and 1 pint part B)

5 gallon size is not sold in kits Part A and Part B must be purchased separately.

FE-7004 2:1 features high shear strength with high impact, chemical, and water resistance. Service temperatures can range from -100 deg. F to 200 deg. F with blending ratios from 1/1 by volume (flexible) to 2/1 by volume (rigid). It is easily mixed by hand or meter/mix equipment. Typical applications include wood lamination for sporting goods, potting small parts for electronics, and as an all purpose adhesive.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 8.5 in
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